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It should be noted that in the case of models with a limited size, the solution is much easier to find that the general equations to solve the system model simultaneous equations and measurements of performance evaluation and the reduction of weighted averages, while in the case of models of the type of unlimited or infinite, it is necessary to resort to solve the system equation and evaluate performance measures queue management and some geometric series that make it difficult to some extent in algebraic management solution. The second advantage is the order in which they are extracted transactions from the line for your attention, and then we find: the arrival of the first services, in order of priority, random, and so forth, and finally/ single row filmmaker, which may occur during the service process or leave by factors such as despair and boredom, And so on. 

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The time between the client and the arrival of the exponential distribution and follow-up should be up and find all the servers are busy, and will form a joint line. In another case, a model M/ M/ L LCFA/ in/ on is waiting in line rating, where each server hay according to the order in the last, for the first time, at the end of the day exponential service. System offers an infinite number of potential customers to get to be accepted by the system. The time between the client and the arrival of the exponential distribution and follow-up must queue management system price get to work and find the server, go to the formation of a joint line.

For the classification of the above, it is possible for a range of different models, as shown in Figure. Separates the mainly non-Markov Markov models. Divided Markov models in a limited capacity and models of infinite ability, not Markov, in turn, divided into models with inter arrival times and service exponential function with any eventuality, and models with the times and things, access time work with any distribution. This assembly is performed according to the method of calculation used in solution form.

This is the weighted value of the entry queue management system fees to the system and represents the average number of customers who actually enter converting prospects to clients system. In turn, this variable is the rate of the production system; in the case of manufacturing systems and represents this variable is achieved average production system. Previous random process used in the waiting line models have a Markov property as conditional probability of achieving a Palestinian state in the future depends exclusively on the current state see more of the system, regardless of the initial state of the system. These are called Group of possibilities conditional transition probabilities from step should be considered which are fixed, so do not change over time.

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The expression of these possibilities as p¿j. Remember that in this case, the definition of the state where the number of transactions in the system at any given time. Table shows the matrix representation of the behavior of the waiting line, where the first column rates represent the current state of the system and the first line of the future states, related by conditional probability that the system will be the current state and future of the state changed. The possibilities stable PJ case represents the probabilistic behavior all the system state in the long term and computes the probability of transition from queue management system price one phase according to the following equations.

Featuring disabled inputs to the system when a particular situation, and that a barrier to entry may be the reasons attributed to the system, such as lack of space or for clients, as the case has reached, for example, that all potential customers in the system, and there is a possibility to get to another client. For example, a model M/ D/ FCFS/ and represents a classification system that parallel servers existed basis according to the first arrangement, for the first time, with a time constant service. The system has only potential customers, which can be found within the system at the same moment.